Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Breed Links

The parent breed club is a central area to learn about the breed as well as events. Reputable breeders are required to follow the Code of Ethics. 

Sometimes individuals may recognize they may not be in the best place to raise a puppy. Oftentimes rescue has adult dogs who are seeking homes. 

The OFA is a central location where breeders post public records of health testing. If a breeder says they have available health testing for their breeding dogs I highly encourage you to ask them for a link to the dog's OFA record. 

Please understand that the AKC is only a registry. The AKC does not guarantee the health or temperament of its registered dogs. Please use great caution if using AKC Marketplace to acquire a puppy or contact a breeder as MANY of these listings are not what should be considered reputable breeders. The AKC offers the opportunity for its registrants to participate in many different types of sanctioned events. 

Local Training Clubs and Resources (MD, DE, PA, DC)

The Rhodesian Ridgeback

I am not going to repeat the great mass of information available about the Rhodesian Ridgeback breed. If you have arrived here at my site, chances are that you have already done your research and you know enough about the breed that you feel the breed may suit your lifestyle (or you already have a Ridgeback living with you). What I can say is that Ridgebacks are not a working breed that is obedient. As a hound, they were bred to think for themselves and were bred to work independently from their human companions. A Ridgeback is an incredibly intelligent dog who can and will outsmart you, manipulate you, and create an environment in which they control if they are allowed. A Ridgeback needs discipline and boundaries from the start. Ridgebacks MUST be afforded the opportunity to attend formal training classes early, and often. They will not work for free, and will not respond well (if at all) to yelling or heavy handling. They are handsome guardians of your home, who will nap a good part of the day, keep your yard free of pests and rodents, go on a hike or a run at a moment's notice, and sound the alarm in case of an anomaly.