Rhodesian Ridgebacks


You Are What You Eat

I have fed various foods over the last 17 years. I have fed various types of kibble, and have had good luck with performance dogs with Fromm, Sport Dog, and Zignature. I like Zignature because none of their recipes contain chicken products. I like Sport dog for the same reason and because they do not have legumes in their recipes. I also prefer Fromm's "Four-Star" recipes.  When I do feed a kibble I always rotate recipes every bag and never feed the same thing day in and out. For kibble-fed dogs I occasionally add pumpkin, or sweet potato, banana, eggs, and other vegetables. 

I have primarily raw-fed my dogs since about 2006. I rotate my sources frequently. I have feed Stella and Chewy's, Instinct Raw, Blue Ridge Beef, Raw Feeding Miami, Hare Today, We Feed Raw, and Canine Kitchen (previously Kaskazini). Typically I intertwine the purchased raw foods with grocery-store bought meat/bone/organs and vegetables. I have used the Honest kitchen freeze-dried foods, and have found their Limited Ingredient Grain-Free Fish recipe is decent when fed with raw meat.  

No matter what I feed, I always feed puppies Ester-C through and including in adulthood, a quality salmon oil capsule, liquid turmeric, a joint supplement (I like both Springtime Inc "Advanced Hip & Joint" and Super Snouts "Joint Power"). During active performance, I also add a quality canned food for extra fat and I supplement with sweet potatoes for an extra boost of easily digestible simple sugars that metabolize faster for energy. I also feed an Astaxanthin supplement and a probiotic (Probios, Supersmart Lactobacillus, bovine colostrum, or Forti-Flora).

Raw Feeding

If you decide to feed your dog a raw diet, please do your research and understand that supplementation is critical. The addition of vegetables can be beneficial because they contain a lot of really good micronutrients. However, they must be either pulped or frozen as dogs cannot break down plant cell walls. I have never really found dairy to be of any value as any "gut health" benefits it might provide do not withstand the canine digestive tract. For probiotic benefits, I stick to proven and tested canine probiotics such as Probios or Forti-Flora.