Rhodesian Ridgebacks

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The "Kennel"


I use the word "kennel" loosely because ultimately, the dogs live in my home and participate in all facets of my life. If a real description needs to be made, it could be said that I live in the dog house with the dogs. The dogs have manners, are trained, and are expected to mind. However, they are spoiled and have full access to the house under supervision. I do crate train my dogs and believe it sets them up for success if they have a medical procedure or need to be kept quiet. They are exceptional travelers and go with me nearly everywhere. 


MBIF DC Venus' You Don't Mess with the Zohan MC LCX LCM


GCHG Celtic Lore's Perfect Storm JC x DC Venus' Zoli Safari Express 12 MC LCX

Pedigree Here    Health Testing Here

Scrappy was bred by Venus Ridgebacks. She came to me at age 3.5 after I lost Harper. She was the perfect dog at the exact right time. She has a fabulous confident temperament and is very healthy with no allergies. Scrappy is silly and has a huge personality. She will basically force anyone to pet her. She also smiles and it's incredibly difficult to get a photo of her not smiling. She has completed and passed all genetic health testing. Scrappy Coco finished 2021 as the number one combined RRCUS Lure Coursing Ridgeback in the US, defeating more dogs over the course of the year than any other dog. 


Hekima C-Timu Amani


SE UCH DK PL CH Amazulu M'Pele in Sunshine X Lewanika Kwasa-Kwasa

Faroe was bred by Hekima Kennel and imported from Denmark at 9 weeks of age. He has an absolutely fabulous temperament, has never met a stranger, and gets along with every dog he meets. Faroe does have an allergy to storage mites, which live in dog food, cheese, and other dry goods. Fortunately, this was discovered when he was temporarily eating kibble, so switching to raw food resolved the problem completely. Sadly only one testicle made an appearance, so he will not be able to be shown or compete in performance. Faroe will be living with some excellent Ridgeback friends as their pet starting later this year.


BIF FC Semper Fidelis' Ashes of Fire TT SC

8/6/2016 - 12/4/2019

GCHS Shabani's Royal Fortune SC X BIF CH Orangewood's Intriguing Semper Fidelis SC CGC Fch

Pedigree Here    Health Testing Here

Harper was born in my home (Ember X Pirate) and was an incredible athlete and overall amazing dog. I had the closest bond with her that I have had with any dog. Harper had an old soul, a fabulous confident temperament, and never met a stranger. She had one of the nicest heads I have ever seen on a liver-nosed dog with great pigment and a dark brown muzzle. Harper finished 2019 tied for number ten in RRCUS combined lure coursing posthumously. Sadly she never made it to her 4th birthday as she was discovered to be loaded with adenocarcinoma at the end of 2019 and had to be let go. 


CH Intrigue'd Khoisan by Tam Lyn SC CGC TDI HIC HRQ1 HRQ2 

7/3/2007 - 9/19/2019

DC Tandiwe's Intrigue'N Mission MC CGC HIC TDI TT RN Fch ROM CH Sengei's Gentle Tempest

Pedigree Here      Health Testing here 

Khoi was bred by Tam Lyn Ridgebacks. Khoi was my first show dog. She had an incredible temperament and showed me the ropes of conformation showing. Khoi coursed, however, she was not very consistent and never finished her field championship. Sadly she was diagnosed with thyroid disease (autoimmune thyroiditis) at age three, so was spayed and was never part of a breeding program. Khoi lived to be twelve. 


CH Orangewood's Intriguing Semper Fidelis SC FCH

4/23/2012 - 7/26/2019

GCH Manzanita's Trifecta JC X Orangewood's Over the Moon SC

Pedigree Here    Health Testing Here

Ember was bred by Orangewood Ridgebacks. Ember did not have what would be considered a correct temperament for the breed by most breed experts (lack of confidence, anxiety, flightiness, etc). I finished her in the show ring singlehandedly because she could not be shown by a handler. She was not a consistent coursing dog due to her lack of confidence. Against my better judgment, with encouragement from her breeder, I bred her in 2016. She produced 6 puppies of which 3 have allergies (chronic ear infections, face rubbing, etc), four have overbites, and two with incorrect temperaments (lack of confidence). At age seven she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. 


CH Intrigue's RS Lie Down With Lions CGC

3/23/2019 - 1/30/2016

DC Tandiwe's Intrigue'N Mission MC RN FCh CGC HIC TDI TT X GCH Intrigue's Madeira Trojan Moon SC RN FCh CGC HIC TDI ET

Pedigree Here      Health Testing Here 

Siege was Bred by Intrigue Ridgebacks. He loved being a show dog and was goofy with a great temperament. Siege did not course beyond the first pulley and was not interested in jogging or any type of exercise that lasted more than 10 minutes. Sadly he had horrible environmental allergies which caused chronic ear infections, paw licking, scratching, and face rubbing. I made the decision to neuter him and he was never part of a breeding program. He was diagnosed with Lymphoma just before his seventh birthday. 


Kenya Mufasa Mika MC RN CGC HIC TDI HRQ1 HRQ2

7/3/2004 - 11/28/2013

Kabaka Bayete Mufasa X Faulhaber's Kenya

Mika was my first Ridgeback. She was acquired by a breeder who did not health test or prove their dogs. Mika was my first performance dog and absolutely lived for lure coursing. She was the dog that got me involved in the sport and ultimately led me to getting a conformation prospect. I had many firsts with Mika. She never earned her conformation championship and was never part of a breeding program. She showed me the ropes and taught me about the breed.